Buying a MILARDI

Creating a Masterpiece

A MILARDI shoe is not manufactured but created. Every step in its creation is meticulously planned and executed to the highest standards. At MILARDI, we believe that creation of a masterpiece cannot and should not be rushed.

Our shoes are made in small numbers by the finest artisans who have perfected their skills passed on to them by generations of master craftsmen before them. We truly appreciate your patience as we create this masterpiece for the most important people in your life.

Gifting a MILARDI

Every pair of shoes will include a personal handwritten note of appreciation from the founders, expressing their gratitude. Please let us know if you are purchasing a MILARDI pair of shoes as a gift and if you would like us to address the recipient in the note, welcoming them into the ‘World of MILARDI’.

Presentation Box

Every pair of MILARDI shoes is enclosed in a velvet bag that is placed in a beautiful wooden presentation box which protects our creations for you. The presentation box that comes in a beautiful piano black finish is also a symbol of giving and sets the scene for that someone special who receives a MILARDI as a gift.

Caring For Your Milardi

MILARDI shoes are created exclusively using ostrich leather. Please take care of your shoes to ensure a longer product life

  • Keep your shoes free from dust by storing in the protective travel bag and box provided
  • Should the product accumulate any dust or debris just clean with a soft, dry cloth or brush
  • Protect the shoes from direct light, heat and rain. Should your shoes get wet, do not force dry it, let them dry out naturally
  • Never use any soap or detergent to clean your shoes
  • Do not allow cosmetics, perfumes or hand creams to come in contact with the leather
  • VERY IMPORTANT – Any genuine leather product will age with time. In other words, it will change colour and get a character of its own during normal use