Designing a MILARDI

Every MILARDI is conceived and designed by its
founders, translating their vision to make the
most luxurious shoes using the finest materials,
ostrich leather and gold.
Every element of the shoe is meticulously
designed to highlight the properties of the raw
materials, with every shoe going through a series
of modelling iterations by expert artisans to
ensure that the designs align with our vision in
our pursuit of excellence.

Made in Italy

Designed, developed and created in Italy. Some of the best hand-made shoes in the world come from the smallest towns in Italy, where artisans have been perfecting their skills for generations. The only place that can create shoes to our exacting standards is Italy, and that’s where every part of a MILARDI shoe is developed and created.


The selection of raw materials 
used in a pair of MILARDI shoes 
is a rigorous process.
The finest leather and precious 
metals, are chosen from around 
the world to ensure that every 
aspect of the shoe is perfect.

Ostrich Leather

Originating in the 1820s in the African continent, the ostrich leather is a relatively rare and an exotic product used in the luxury industry.The very best exotic leather sourced from sustainably farm-reared premium strain ostrich – ‘SA Black’ is used in every MILARDI shoes. Keeping in line with our exclusive approach, our shoes are created using only the highly sought after part of the ostrich leather – the 'Crown’ with full quill.


MILARDI exclusively uses 18 ct gold that provides the enchanting lustre to the motifs on every shoe. The radiance on every motif is achieved by closely controlling the process necessary to produce the different types of gold used on a pair of MILARDI shoes: yellow and rose gold. Every gold motif also bears an internationally recognized hallmark certifying the purity of the metal used.

Every MILARDI is unique

Every MILARDI shoe is created exclusively from
the ‘Crown’ area, which is the most sought
after part and constitutes just 30% of the
total leather. The Crown is characterized by
raised points in the hide that create little
bumps call quills which give the leather its
distinctive appearance.
The ‘Crown’ is like a thumb print, which
gives the leather its own distinctive
signature. This means, every shoe created
will have a slightly different quill pattern,
making it completely unique and exclusive.